Dee Fritz

Val Dempster

Marv Fritz

  • Business Manager

Bonnie Ruzicka

  • Bookkeeper

Dietary Staff

  • Nancy Bethune
  • Karmell Stewart
  • Nancy Schmitz
  • Tori Novak
  • Tina Dougherty
  • Ruby Wayman
  • Shea Coventry
  • Vicki Tomjack

Housekeeping & Laundry

  • Cheryl Robinette
  • Debby Parks
  • Cheryl Lee
  • Vicki Steskal

Resident Care Givers

  • Stacy Meier
  • Connie Prewitt
  • Donita Matchett
  • Brian Newton
  • Kathy Drueke
  • Rachael Gray
  • Angie Dorey
  • Kayla Babutzke
  • Brittany Thompson
  • Chelsy Bordovsky
  • Sam Pickinpaugh
  • Cheryl McConnell


  • Ted Pavel

Our job is to provide quality, long-term care to each resident, supporting independence and promoting self-respect; to emphasize the social model for services and programming, making available various activities for several levels of desired involvement; and to provide all of our services in a safe, hazard-free environment.

The Evergreen has a qualified staff on-site 24 hours a day, providing long-term care services and assisting residents with daily activities. An individualized assistance/service plan is developed for each resident using a team approach, in which the resident, his/her family, and our staff collectively decide how to meet the resident’s needs.

Also provided by the staff are: a health maintenance program, medication administration, nightly inspections of resident well-being, van service, and an escort service upon request. The facility has an excellent activity program implemented, which residents are encouraged to take part in every day. This program encompasses arts and crafts, spiritual exploration, physical exercise, as well as several scheduled outings with complimentary meals.

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